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April 16, 2014
by Carina

Furry stuff

I know spring just started, but in my world the season has now definitely turned to autumn and winter. And even though I don’t want it to come any time soon, because I certainly don’t, I still love the fact that it’s going to be a hairy, cosy, soft and very furry AW14.




Isabel Marant


10 Crosby Derek Lam


Nina Ricci




Saint Laurent


Christopher Kane



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April 15, 2014
by Viveka


After a week that appeared to be sponsored by Chateau Minuty and also included overindulging in foie gras, buffalo mozzarella and the best the South of France has to offer, I arrived home positively exhausted and totally dehydrated. I was so drained, that I surprised myself in that instead of pushing my start-date for healthy living back to the obligatory Monday kick-off, I actually couldn’t wait to switch from by bad habits.

Thus this weekend, in contrary to the wine-fuelled week that preceeded it, was presented via an exclusive drinks partnership in association with Yogi Tea and consisted of fish, salad, water and said tea. That’s it!
And not a single naughty thing.


No more of this!
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Much more of this.
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So now I’m finally raring to go. Ready to fulfil my ambition of a new and healthier me, so let’s get to it.

My eating plan so far, is loosely based on this book. I can’t possibly follow this tight regimen to the letter, but I am totally down with the principles, and have already swapped my 2 large morning lattes for tea.

For the outer me, I have decided to follow In-Style UK’s ‘Bikini-ready in 30 days or less’ and am currently in the planning and procuring phase, which is obviously a necessary step, in order to manifest my commitment to the task at hand.


The new me(-ish!).
Clippings from In Style UK, April 2014.

We ALL know, I mean really, we do ALL know, that ANY healthy eating plan, exercise regime or new-life-plan starts with shopping! Really. Argue with that if you can. You won’t win. It’s a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is kind-of-thing.

Anyhoo, so I’ve made my order online since not all of these miracle-working products are available here in Spain, or maybe they are, but doing this from the comfort of my sofa makes much more sense than running around town looking…

And while I wait for these life-saving items to drop into my letter box, I will be busy with a bit of DIY, making my own body scrub, with the Power Ingredient; Epsom Salt, warmly recommended by Elle McPherson and her trainer.

So, there we have it.
On my way to a new me!
Can’t wait to meet this sprightly, youthful, glowing and energetic person… in 30 days, plus 3-5 days for delivery!


April 9, 2014
by Carina

From a (now even more) poor Editor-in-chief

If you think that making magazines makes you rich, well, then you are very wrong.

If you, on the other hand, believe that it can make a very poor girl out of anyone (like for example me), yes, then you are a bit closer to the truth. Because suddenly you realise that you neeeeed things.

I work very closely with the eminent Beauty Editor, Åsa. We have been working together for many years since she is also one of the most excellent make-up artists in Sweden. We’ve just finished another issue of STIL together, and since beauty has been the main ingredient this time, I have been introduced to quite a lot of new acquaintances, most of them from, what we call, the premium segment.

The expression ”love at first sight” has so far been dedicated to fashion and pieces of it (also known as clothes). Shoes, bags and all kinds of accessories of course also fall in to this category.

The expression is obviously also applicable to moments like ‘the first time I saw the man who is now my husband’, ‘the first time I looked into my newborn son’s eyes’ and maybe I have even said it, and meant it, at the first meeting with some very, very special tropical paradise beach.

But now, suddenly, I can honestly say that I have found some new and worthy receivers of those words – Love at first sight. Or at least Love at first physical meeting.

And since Åsa introduced them to me (and for all future made me a bit poorer), I, of course, want to share these lovely little things (and the soon to follow poverty) with you.
They are not cheap. But they are loves at first touch.


Touche Éclat from YSL. The price of this little darling is still affordable. At the moment it is available in this wild outfit, the Collectors Edition 2014. The content, though, is the same as always. Magic no.1.


Another golden thing from YSL, Or Rouge. A cream that is just wonderful. Why? Don’t ask me. I can’t explain it, but I just love the feeling on my face. And the little spatula you are supposed to use to apply the formula. Well, I laughed when I saw it, and now I am terrified to lose it. Magic no. 2.


And the best of them all. By Terry, Light Expert.
A foundation? Yes and no. It is more than a foundation, more than a concealer. And it stays on. Like forever. By Terry de Gunzburg. It is probably no coincidence that she is the lady behind Magic no.1 on this list, Touche Éclat. She was the star at YSL, but then she left and went on her own. And remained a star. Magic no. 3.

When I, as always, at the last second, had to throw myself in front of the camera to have a new byline image taken, I had no make up on. And exactly at that second Åsa stepped into the office. ”Please help me!” I screamed.  She had nothing with her, totally unprepared. Åsa was there to write, not to help a panicking colleague in need. But she had a purple stick in her bag, probably since she would never ever leave home without it. And in about 30 seconds she made me look like this.


And you may think that I look just normal. In this specific case (and only this) I wish I had a ”before image”, unfortunately I don’t. But let me assure you that there is nothing as scary as the face of me after 4 months of working 24/7.
By Terry Junkie? Me? For sure!

My habits are getting more and more expensive. The price (in two senses) you have to pay when working with Åsa.




To join Carina’s exclusive club of poor but glowing product junkies, follow these links:

YSL Touche Éclat Wild Edition
YSL Rouge Cream
By Terry Light Expert


April 8, 2014
by Viveka


A week ago today, we learnt that ‘The Godfather of House’, a pioneer and creator of a genre of music that I adore, had passed away unexpectedly.

After the feeling of sadness, and the shared sense of loss for the music industry, on a personal note this news made me feel incredibly thankful that I once had the privilege to meet this legendary man.


Thankful for meeting Frankie Knuckles at the House Music Awards in London in 2004.

By just working hard I got to be in the presence of Mr Knuckles, and many other people who have helped to shape what House music is today.


Thankful for meeting David Morales. 

So I went further in my mind, and realised that by just doing my job, and putting my mind, effort and a bit of my heart into everything I’ve done, I have been rewarded many times over, in many different ways. So today I would like to take a moment to feel thankful for some of the physical manifestations of those rewards.


Thankful for meeting the Italian World Cup Winning Captain, Fabio Cannavaro in Madrid in 2006.


Thankful for meetin Dr Dre in LA in 2000.

And I’m very thankful that today, I get to have lunch in front of this view…




… while fulfilling my duty of trotting up and down past these iconic buildings all week.


The Carlton Hotel


The Majestic Barriere Hotel


The Miramar.
This building holds an extra special place in my heart, another reason to be Thankful. More about this another time…

Taking a moment out to feel thankful, is a reward in itself.
The more I consider how thankful I am for these experiences, the more Thankful I feel.
And the more Thankful I feel, the more reasons I find to be Thankful.

What an amazing thing, to know that by just taking a moment out, I can generate so many positive feelings, as well as new energy to create more reasons to feel Thankful.
A never-ending wheel of Good Fortune!

I do believe that Gratitude is one of the biggest secrets, that we shouldn’t keep a secret, and the key to a much more satisfying and altogether happier life. Thank you and have a great day!


April 4, 2014
by Carina
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I am getting there

Yes, last year I failed, but  this year, (which is of course to become the best in history. Like every year.) I believe I am getting there.

It seems like I have a good chance of fulfilling one of my yearly goals, the one about visiting at least one new country.

If everything moves in the direction that I have tuned into on my life channel, I will, in a matter of days, dig my white, winter feet into the sand on this beach and then plunge into its turquoise water.

Did I ever long more for barefoot life on a tropical island than now?
Don’t think so.
And that’s while knowing I long every day.

The destination?
Should be obvious.



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April 4, 2014
by Viveka

San Remo Dreaming

I don’t even bother storing away my suitcase these days. All that lifting…

So here I am, filling up my senses with intoxicating Italian flavours once again, in the town I know better than any other in this country; San Remo. It’s my bi-annual pit-stop of re-connecting with a close friend, stocking up on Parmesan cheese, and updating my shoe collection.

And if I’m really lucky, I’ll also get to take in some of these sights.


San Remo from up above. What looks like a peaceful enough small town, is in reality a hot-pot of the best that Italy has to offer; Pasta, Pizza, Gelato, Intrigue, and a lot of Crazy People…


That really pretty village* up in the mountains, whose name I can never remember…


Archway view of snow-covered mountains from that really pretty village.



The church above the Old Town, where people get married before they get divorced…


The oldest tree in town (don’t quote me on this, it’s not scientifically proven).


Sunset colours from ‘home’.


Room with a (Sea) View.

I love San Remo.


* Update – the really pretty village is called Baiardo.

April 2, 2014
by Carina

Blood vs Water

A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. It had many digits.

That day, my birthday, always makes me think about my grandfather. Wherever in the world he was, he never forgot my birthday. And the last few years of his life he used to send me a huge bunch of tulips. Tulips with osier stuck in between the flowers. It was special that bouquet. Every year. I miss them. The tulips and my grandfather.

He, my grandfather, always told me that ”blood is thicker than water”. He always said that in a very serious voice. If he was close to me, which was a very rare thing, he looked into my eyes with the most intense gaze when he pronounced the words. If it was a phone call, wich was more likely, from a city on the other side of the world, a tropical beach far away or sometimes from a cruise ship somewhere in between, he always lowered his voice when he said those words. Lowered it and made sure that I listened, that I paid attention. And he always said it. Never forgot. Not even on those New Year’s nights when the cocktails on that far-away beach had maybe been too many. He never forgot to call and he never forgot to tell me. Tell me that blood is thicker than water.

I guess he did that to show his love and affection, to let me know that even if we didn’t see each other very often and even if he was never a part of my everyday life, he did love me, he did think of me.
And I knew that. I always knew that his thoughts were with me, and my thoughts were certainly with him. They still are.

But what about that thing, about the blood and the water? I loved hearing him say those words, maybe I needed to hear them, but I never really believed in them. I never really believed that he really believed in those words. He never lived according to that rule. He was a free spirit. Indeed.

So, since I was about 5 I have been debating with myself about the substance in that sentence ”Blood is thicker than water”. Since 5. I know. A bit weird.
But have I come any further since the deep thinking of a 5-year old?
Probably not.

I am thinking that of course blood is a thick liquid and sure I feel the bond. To many of those whom I share my blood with, but definitely not to all of them. And how cool is it when there is no blood at all and you still feel that bond?
To choose and be chosen back without that blood-thing. Without any requirements like that red fluid, the thick one.

So what do I want to say with all this?
Nothing more and nothing less than that I am so very greateful for my very close ”water people”. We didn’t have to choose each other, but we did, just because we wanted to. As simple as that and as big as that.
Just an ordinary, elementary, Wednesday reflection over the fact that water sometimes can be as thick as blood. And that, that is a rather cool thing.

Anyway, my birthday passed, without the tulips, without my grandfather.
And not long after, it was time for another birthday, my husband’s. A typical water person (thank god). Actually the best of them all. He did get some tulips, without the osier though, but together with this:

Carina - Blood and water

A day at the shooting range. Of course with an optional friend.
For his sake, it was lucky that I was the ”optional” one.




April 1, 2014
by Viveka

Time flies…

I can’t keep up.

A quarter of the year has already passed, and I haven’t even started.
Kind of. I mean, I have been to 6 countries and 3 continents in the last 3 months, but we are not doing bucket lists right now. We are talking about progress. About my search for spiritual fulfilment along with a toned, tanned and re-energized new me!

Well, let’s face it. While I thought Australia and Asia would be the perfect places to start new yogic regimes and healthy eating plans, which they may both very well be, they were even more perfect when it came to overindulging in food and drink and general merriment!




Not exactly the Zen, Green and Cleansing Culinary Trip I had in mind…

But that’s OK, right?

There’s nothing to stop me from changing all that right now.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and all that. Well, not today obviously cause next week I am going to a professional networking event, which actually contractually obliges you to consume quite a large number of glasses of Rose, and various pastries and canapés, before and after extravagant lunches etc etc.

But the week after that – will offer me a much better first day of the rest of my life, the perfect time for Change I can believe in – Yes I can!

So Yoga classes, Nordic Walking, Liver Cleanse – all on the menu for the second half of this month – what fun!

Well, it had better be, because let me remind you that along with the fitness part of my goal for this year, I am supposed to be laughing.
A lot.


Somewhere between the green and the blue down there, I WILL find my way!


All food photos from the glorious Napier Hotel in Fitzroy, Melbourne, serving up the best pub grub by the loveliest staff in town.

Editor’s note – for the record, while none of the overindulgent meals fit in with a healthy eating plan of any kind, one did share these over-sized meals, so at least some level of abstinence was shown.


March 28, 2014
by Viveka

On the Road – The Tennis & The Outback

And we’re back to the travel stories, can you keep up?!

So I just got back from Sydney, to news of the first heat-wave of the year, due in Melbourne shortly, so it seemed like an excellent idea to spend the first day over 40 degrees going to the Australian Open, and being stuck in a boiling hot stadium, without any shade.

iPhone Photos 3584

And it was indeed, a great idea.

iPhone Photos 3605

With oversized hat, oversized glasses, layers and layers of SPF 50, bottles and bottles of water, and no Swedish-Scottish skin on display, a great day was had by all. Or at least by me and my bro, there were quite a few incidents of heat-stroke from weaker stock, but us Vikings soldiered through and loved every minute of the day.





But however much one loves the heat, even though one wasn’t blessed with the optimum skin for it, 40 plus degrees for more than a couple of days, is actually really rather hot.

So the next day we escaped the city for a friend’s country retreat by a lake, north-east of Melbourne. Some very lazy days were spent here, hiding under the cover of the pontoon, while dunking oneself in the cool water of the lake every 30 minutes or so. The drive to and from our hide-out took in some wonderfully quaint pubs and general stores, all showing off the friendly nature of Ozzie’s that at this point is still a novelty, but one that I am beginning to love!


Editor’s note - OK, this is not really The Outback, but since one didn’t make it to the Official Outback, one is pretending this was it!


March 27, 2014
by Viveka


Who doesn’t love this woman?


And who wouldn’t want that house, that full head of gorgeous curly locks and of course, those shoes?

Well, while the first 2 may be a little bit over budget or out of bounds, the shoes you can now have.

Just a Thoughtful Thursday Tribute to our favourite Sole Mate…

Video courtesy of Vogue via Youtube.