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September 17, 2014
by Carina

The summer that never will come back

That is just how it is. The summer has released the grip it’s had on me, on us, for some time. And when it is gone, it will never come back again. There will of course be new summers. At least I hope so. Think so. But this summer, with all that it had in its arms, will be gone. Forever.

It is not the first summer that leaves me but still I find it so very sad.
Because it was good. In many ways and for a short, but still long, time.





















And this is where it all ended. In a world that was only blue. At 08.37, with this view, I got a phone call telling me about death. Nothing more, nothing less, just death. The summer ended with me losing someone very close. Someone that very much shaped me into who I have become. At least many of the parts that I like. Someone who was there for me, from the moment I was born until that day with this picture-perfect view. I think that she maybe waited until the end of it all, until the end of the summer. Just because she always thought about me and never ever wanted to interrupt anything that was going on in my life. At this moment there was not very much going on. Not much to interrupt. That was when she decided to leave.

I am thinking that I never wanted this summer to end.
And now it has.




September 16, 2014
by Viveka



“The purpose of mindfulness is for our mind to become functional.

When our mind is functional, our body is functional.

And when both our body and our mind are functional, our life becomes functional.”


As simple as that!
According to my new idol; Tulku Lobsang.

But let’s backtrack a little bit… Last week I dove into a healthier way of life head first, and I feel amazing for it.

- I went to 3 sessions with my Spiritual Coach to work on some past issues that needed to be resolved. By asking direct questions and insisting on ‘why’, my coach managed to bring underlying issues to the surface, and once there, we ‘talked to’ The Issues, and within 24 hours of the first session I already felt I could start letting go of this excess luggage!

- I went back to yoga, which is the most gratifying form of exercise I know; with the right teacher it’s an effective workout and a powerful pacifier for the soul.

- I did my first Nordic Walking class, and the ‘pleasant pain’ I experienced the next couple of days in all the right places, tells me I may have finally found my exercise mojo!

I will share more about all of the above in separate posts, but the thing I did last week, which had the most impact on me, which I still feel now a week later, was the Mindfulness Workshop with Master Tulku Lobsang.

So what is Mindfulness?

According to ‘my’ master (I did say I dove in head first – I’m SOOOO into this now, of course I need my Own Master!) it’s a way to train your mind. He likens the mind to a wild elephant. A very powerful animal, which when trained can do anything, but if left wild can cause problems. All you need to do is to invest a little time and energy to harness the power of this amazing creature.

Thus to educate your mind = Mindfulness.

How do you educate your mind?
Find out tomorrow… on this here blog!


Learning from The Master! Image courtesy of Tulku Lobsang.


September 10, 2014
by Viveka

Apple Watch – The Verdict III!

First I said NO WAY!
Then I said OH YES!
And now I think I’m on the fence.

Would I wear an Apple Watch?
Yes, I would. In a Rose Gold variety, with a nice soft dusty leather strap.

Would it be my watch of choice for stylish events of any kind. I doubt it.

Do I need it?
Don’t think so…

But as someone that’s gone from being positively and loudly anti-Apple, to being the proprietor of the latest iPhone (that was until today), one iPad mini, one iPad Air and a Mac Book Air, in only 2 short years, I guess I cannot completely rule out the possibility that soon, let’s say early 2015, I will consider this something I can’t live without…



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September 10, 2014
by Melanie

Apple Watch – The Verdict!

Until today, the only watch I would ever wear was the Cartier Baignoire. Now there is Apple Watch! It’s sleek, it’s pretty, it’s functional, it will help me with my fitness goals and I can use Apple Pay. Importantly – with accuracy to within 50 milliseconds – it also tells great time!

I think I’ll go for the regular Watch Version. Can’t wait to try one!




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September 9, 2014
by Viveka

Back to school

So this week it’s back to the real world, if I may quote myself.

As kids go back to school, I will go back to work… -ing on my search for something more spiritual in my life. And I’m starting with a bang!

Reconnecting with my spiritual coach, I am delving into some of the reasons why the need for more solid ground makes itself known at certain points in life, and we work together to untie these knots in a 3-part mini-series this week.

Balancing the need for inner peace with my desire for a fitter me, I am going back to yoga and starting Nordic Walking finally, a little behind schedule admittedly, but it’s never too late to start a little late…?

As the window for a new book just opened (the last one occupying a lengthy 8 months!), I will complete the course-work with this piece of literature:


And, to kick-start my weekly meditation course, I have signed up for a Mindfulness Workshop with Buddhist monk Tulku Lobsang this week.

So I am starting afresh, just like starting another year of school, with this in mind:


Every year, life gives you a chance for a new life, a new way to live your life. The sense of celebrating New Year is to leave all your mental stress, your negative emotions, your past histories and everything that makes you unhappy behind, so that you can become a new person with a new life. New Year does not mean that something finishes, but that something new starts, like a small birth. The New Year celebration brings you new energy and a positive mind, which is the essence of the New Year. The New Year can make you into a new person who lives his/her life in a new way. The gift of the New Year is the opportunity for a complete new birth.


And finally, I will try to stay put! To see what it’s like to live in Spain, which after all was my take on Living The Dream…


View from yesterday’s meditation walk through Parc del Guinardó. My dream, my city, my home.


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September 5, 2014
by Carina

Just want to tell you…

… that there are some people in my country who know how to design and produce shoes. I am talking about two brands, first Reschia (, who have been existing for a while now, but not very long.


I need these grey boots! And when I say need, I need! Love the colour, love the shape. Love everything about them!


And these are the kind of shoes that make me want to wear denim. Because you can. Simply. If you just add these heels and a plain t-shirt.

And then af Klingberg (, who are brand new on the market and combine hi-tech quality with great design.



I just want to find a reason to own and use these bordeaux beauties. And surprise! I don’t have a problem with finding thousands of them.


This is not only the loveliest boot of the season. It is also two in one. Fold up, fold down. Love it!

Let’s cheer for Swedish fashion!




September 5, 2014
by Viveka
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… you’ve got to tune out to tune in.

After the wedding festivities and a couple of obligatory nights out, it is Ibiza after all, I zoned out, and just enjoyed the natural beauty of this magical island.




Back to the real world next week!

Images via my Instagram @vivekalivingthedream