Living the Dream

4 women 4 cities 4 goals

An hour…


…after I fell asleep last Sunday, my alarm clock beeped. 40 minutes later, at 01.40 am, I went away on my scooter.

Summer, Sweden, shooting in the sunrise…well, that’s the time you have to start.
Empty streets. Only me and the sound of the engine, like an angry bee, frustrated at having to wake up this early. The engine I mean, I was maybe tired, but the magic such a crazy call time brings out…well, that’s just…yes, magic.

My studio was slowly waking up on the other side of this window.

Carina's office window, light shining through in the dark night.

I had a coffee. Another coffee. Listened to Daft Punk, ironed the last things, packed down some more shoes and started to fill the car with suitcases and a pile of 30 leather jackets.

And Åsa, my hair & makeup artist, did the things she does.
Used a brush with some new magic product on Love’s hair…

Hair and make-up artist Asa Ostergren, working with model Love in a Stockholm studio.

… and turned the already very beautiful Hanna into this.

Model Hanna ready for a Jofama photoshoot in Stockholm, by Carina Forne.

The sun was supposed to raise at around 4. So, at 4 we were at the first location, only maybe 2 minutes by car from the studio.
And there…

Carina Forne at a Jofama fashion photoshoot in Stockholm waiting for the perfect light. Sitting down at the port.

…I waited for the light.

Then Magnus (the photographer) waited some more…

Magnus Ragnvid, photographers, standing against the wall, waiting for the morning light at a Jofama photo shoot in Stockholm.

And suddenly! There it was!

Stockholm sunrise at Jofama fashion photoshoot.

And the only thing you know when the light is there and the waiting is over is that – NOW WE HAVE TO WORK!!! Because that perfect light might be here now, but soon it will be gone again and turned into a bright summer’s day.

The last shot was made in a cemetery around 8. And while people with tired eyes were on the way to their offices we packed everything back in the car and drove back to the studio.

Carina preparing model Hanna at Jofama fashio photoshoot in Stockholm, morning sun lighting the picture.

There is no feeling like the feeling after a good shoot.

What we did?
The campaign for Jofama s/s 2014. If you are a bit curious, sorry, it will take some time before I can show you the pictures. But here is some of the material we did exactly a year ago for the s/s 2013-campaign.

Carina Forne's Jofama fashion photoshoot, s/s 2013. Models Love and Hanna.

Jofama s/s 2013 fashion campaign, by Carina Forne, featuring 2 models on a motorbike in leather jackets.

Jofama s/s 2013 fashion campaign, featuring male model in orange leather jacket.

Jofama s/s 2013 fashion campaign, featuring female model in leather trousers and top.

All campaign photos by Magnus Ragnvid/Agent Evers

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