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My Thai – Part 1: Bangkok – The beginning

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The decision to spend time in Bangkok and not fly straight to Phuket was a last minute one but one of my better ones!

I had been to Bangkok once before, nearly 14 years ago but for only 24 hours. It was a short stop over to meet my backpacking buddy before our Vietnam and Cambodia adventures. We were staying near the infamous Khao San Road and my memories are of a very busy day, walking down this road and then finding an even busier pub to watch The Arsenal play the Thai favourites, and our rivals at the time; Manchester United… no need to mention the outcome of that game!

This trip was very different; we arrived on Christmas day, a bit weary after an 11-hour flight, not forgetting the jet-lag, but things soon improved when we checked into the newly opened,  Siam Hotel.

The sanctuary of The Siam.

The sanctuary of The Siam.

First things first; we instantly booked into the spa for the two and a half hour Jet-lag Recovery Treatment.

That seemed to be the ticket but Christmas dinner was a bit of a hazy blur. The next day we were still in our jet-lag haze and didn’t move far from the hotel, but that was not a bad thing, as just a 15-minute walk was a hidden gem, a great place for excellent home cooked Thai food, fit for royals but served in a kitchen. (More on this to come, in my Hidden Gems).


It may not be much to look at, but it is not only one of my HG’s it’s also in The Observer’s Top 50 in the world.

Bangkok is a vast, wondrous city and you really need to know someone to see the real city. We were lucky that we had a friend who’s working and living there. This was even more helpful as Bangkok was experiencing a civil uprising, albeit at the time, peaceful, but the demonstrations meant travelling by road was not an option.

So, our first night out involved a boat, a sky train and a motorbike taxi… and what a great chance to mingle with people and really see the city.


Breathtaking views…
Bangkok by boat.

All a blur… Bangkok by motorbike taxi.

All a blur…
Bangkok by motorbike taxi.

And the night… well , my friend happened to know the best bag shop in town… Two bags purchased, cocktails drunk and fabulous Japanese food eaten (well, we were going to be eating a lot of Thai food)!


THE beautiful bag.

I was hooked, and already decided to extend our return trip…

Next Up: My Thai – Island life


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  1. HAPPY memories of us together in the city that never sleeps.

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