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On the Road – Gippsland, Part 2

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I am woken up bright and early at 5 am by a screeching noise I can’t identify. Taking a dozy look outside, reveals dozens of cockatoos roaming the trees above us at Seabank Camping, and is enough motivation to get up, regardless of the ridiculous hour they saw fit to start their ‘singing’.

Catching these buggers on camera though, turned out to be a bit of a challenge. They won’t stay still, or will sit far too high for my moderate zoom lens to capture. But as far as my Ozzie experience goes, chasing these beautiful, yet noisy, birds around in the sunrise is a great start to the day.



However illusive they were, in the end, I was grateful they invited me up to take a look at the early morning still waters.Seabang-beach-Port-Albert-Gippsland-Victoria


We take a last look at Port Albert and the sleepy fishing boats, before continuing our road trip into Yarram and sample my first, of many, flat whites…




To be continued…

One Comment

  1. Great to see the pictures and stories from Australia, that great country next to our current home. Welcome back to KL, which will be a good transition on the way back to spring in Europe!

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